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Did You Know May is National Dental Care Awareness Month? Here’s How You Can Contribute!

Summer is a season for family get-togethers, barbecues, vacations, and more, and people generally enjoy taking photos on these grand occasions. May of 2018 was the first observed National Dental Care Awareness Month, which was originally designed to bring awareness to a happy, healthy smile just in time for those summertime photo ops. There are several ways you can contribute to National Dental Care Awareness month, and we’ve provided a few of them below. 

Schedule Your Family’s Bi-Annual Checkup 

If you aren’t seeing your dentist for your biannual checkups, May is the perfect time to schedule those visits. Everyone likes that fresh-from-the-dentist clean, but many people tend to put off their dentist visits due to time constraints or a general dislike of the dentist’s chair. However, with just two appointments every year, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime and avoid those potentially anxiety-inducing procedures. According to the American Dental Association, those who visit their dentist twice each and every year spend only two hours per year in the dentist’s chair. Conversely, those who put their visits off tend to spend far more time at the dentist when they do eventually go. 

Purchase Eco-Friendly Oral Care Products

If you’re still using a standard plastic toothbrush and big-name toothpaste just because it’s available on store shelves, now is the time to consider what’s actually in those products and how they can harm not only your body, but the environment, as well. Making the switch from plastic toothbrushes to WooBamboo’s sustainable bamboo toothbrushes is an amazing first step toward reducing your plastic footprint. If you want to take it even further, check out our great tasting fluoride-free toothpaste options, our 100% silk dental floss, and our amazing interdental brush picks – all of which are designed with your oral health and the environment in mind.  

Teach Your Kids about Oral Care & Good Hygiene

Teaching kids about oral care and good oral hygiene from a very young age is critical for developing the healthy habits they will carry with them through adulthood. During National Dental Care Awareness Month, you’ll find plenty of resources online, and local dentists may even host their own events, too! If you want to reinforce the importance of brushing and flossing regularly at home, check out Tooth Ahoy, which is a fantastic book all about healthy eating and good oral care habits for preschoolers and young kids. You can purchase the book as a stand-alone product, or you can choose a gift package that includes the book, two bamboo toothbrushes, and two half-ounce tubes of our kid-approved Bubble Berry fluoride-free toothpaste. 

This May, there are plenty of ways in which you can contribute to National Dental Care Awareness Month. Scheduling your family’s dental appointments, switching to healthier and more eco-conscious oral care products, and emphasizing the importance of good oral hygiene with your kids, grandkids, students, or any other children in your life. Start your summer off right – and make beautiful memories – with a clean, healthy smile.

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