5 Reasons Why an Environmentally Friendly Toothbrush is Just Better for Your Smile

5 Reasons Why an Environmentally Friendly Toothbrush is Just Better for Your Smile

Most people don’t really spend much time thinking about brushing their teeth. Of course, people know they should brush at least twice daily and preferably after meals, and they know they should floss regularly, too, to keep their smiles healthy and prevent gingivitis and gum disease. Did you know that an environmentally friendly bamboo toothbrush is better for your smile than your typical plastic one? Here are five reasons why.

#1 – Bamboo is Naturally Antimicrobial

Most of the toothbrushes you have in your home are made from cheap standard plastic, and while plastic is certainly a better choice than a more porous material, which provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, there’s an option that’s even better – bamboo. In fact, bamboo is so well-known for its antimicrobial properties that there’s a good chance you can already find it in your kitchen in the form of a cutting board.

#2 – Reduce Your Impact on Landfills

There are well over 3000 active landfills across the US, and that number grows every year. Plastics make up a huge portion of the waste in those landfills. Per the October 2009 issue of Discover magazine, each person in the US is responsible for adding 63 pounds of plastic to one or more of those landfills each year. Some of that waste is in the form of toothbrushes, which take 1000 years (or more) to biodegrade. Bamboo toothbrushes biodegrade in a fraction of that time, making them a far better option.

#3 – Decrease Greenhouse Gases from Plastic Processing

Plastic is a huge industry in the United States. In 2012, it generated a $12.1 billion trade surplus, and despite the drop in global manufacturing, plastic manufacturing continues to grow each year by 0.1%. Though it’s definitely good for the economy, it’s not so good for the environment. The plastic industry is responsible for the creation of tons of carbon dioxide, a nasty greenhouse gas. Per one estimate, for every kilogram of plastic, six kilograms of carbon dioxide is created.

#4 – It’s Better for Your Body

Research has shown that roughly 93% of humans have detectable levels of BPA – a cancer-causing compound called bisphenol A found in many plastics – in their urine. BPA is found in many of the plastics that are widely available, including in drinking water, food storage containers, and more. Though many companies are moving away from BPA-containing plastic, it is still a threat. By making even the smallest movement away from plastic and switching to a bamboo toothbrush, you can do your part to reduce these numbers and keep yourself healthier.

#5 – It Looks Cool

Now that you’re aware of the impact plastic toothbrushes have on your environment and your body, there’s a pretty good chance you’re ready to make the switch to something more eco-friendly. WooBamboo toothbrushes are phenomenal; they are made with sustainably-grown organic bamboo (it’s even panda friendly!) with a fun look that you are sure to love. It’s also naturally antimicrobial, which is a huge plus!

If the thought of reducing your impact on the environment seems overwhelming, your toothbrush is a fantastic place to start. Rather than buying typical plastic toothbrushes that end up in landfills and take a thousand years to biodegrade, check out WooBamboo’s line of toothbrushes. You can buy them for yourself and your kids, and you can even get eco-friendly toothbrushes for your pets!

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