Flossy, floss-ay!

by Kat Sorensen

Floss….what the heck IS floss?! Sounds French to me. Actually, the word floss is French, from floche!

Ask the Urban Dictionary and you’ll find it means to flaunt expensive merchandise such as Iced-out rollies, Jaguars on Triple Golds, Gem-encrusted Pimp goblets, Huge whops of dank hydro, etc. “It’s Flossin’ Season in my driveway.”

Apparently, the past tense word of ‘flaw’ is “flossed” which is an adjective used to describe a person who frequently bails on commitments. But I digress.

Miriam Webster has a different interpretation of floss. They, along with any dentist, will tell you that to floss means to clean between one’s teeth with dental floss. Ahhh, makes sense!

Ok, ‘dental’ could be misconstrued to mean that you are referring to a rental car you can cause small damage to, but in our case, no cars were harmed in the making of our floss or attempts in dental awareness.

Whaaaaat?! WooBamboo’s got Floss?!

Let’s start at the beginning of how this happened!

Anthropologists have found evidence that during ancient times, people used various implements such as pointed sticks for interdental cleaning. Can you believe that?! Do they even know where those sticks have been?

According to most sources, credit for the invention of dental floss as we know it goes to a New Orleans dentist, who in 1815 began advising his patients to use a thin silk thread to clean between their teeth.

Now we’re talking! Silk! Now, there is a natural protein fiber that you can brag about. It’s mainly produced by the larvae of insects undergoing complete metamorphosis. What?!! It’s not a stick!

You already know WooBamboo! Our all-natural, biodegradable, sustainable and beautiful bamboo toothbrushes have landed in stores, hotels, homes and your mouth for years.

Our NEW Eco-Friendly Floss is the next amazing product to be introduced to you to Woo! An incredibly complimentary blend of:

  • Natural Silk
  • Biodegradability
  • Subtle Minty Flavoring
  • Light Wax Coating

will allow you to not only enjoy flossing, but like our toothbrush, be reminded that every morning and every evening you are reminded that you made an eco-minded decision and have the power to make more!

Our cool, one-of-a-kind packaging is literally enough to remind you to floss. Encased in a clear, plant-based package that can be recycled, our floss sits in an open view so you can see how much you have left so you can order more! Our floss pack:

  • Offers 37 Meters (that’s just over 121 Feet) of Floss!
  • Is Made with Post-Consumer Waste & Plant-Based Plastic
  • Is Printed with Soy-Based Ink
  • Is Made in Italy
  • Features our adorable Panda staring back at you watching you floss

Today, floss is a key part of twice daily brushing and regular use of a mouthwash that make up a healthy routine for maintaining your oral health.  The choices for a product as basic as dental floss can seem overwhelming. Flossing every day is important and you’re putting it in your mouth, between your teeth, up against your gums. Scary stuff!

You’ve Sold Me, But Why Floss?

The use of dental floss helps to remove plaque, a gel-like substance made of bacteria that forms on and between teeth, as well as below the gum line. If the plaque is not removed, it hardens and can cause gingivitis or an inflammation of the gums. Eventually, gums begin to separate from the teeth, forming “pockets” that can become infected, ultimately destroying bone and resulting in tooth loss. Flossing disturbs the bacteria, stopping it before it can create plaque.

Various studies have shown that, aside from tooth loss, gum disease is a big risk factor for Alzheimer’s and memory issues, and that regular flossing can lower your risk of heart disease, arterial issues, and diabetes. So it’s a good idea to floss every day.

We’re not a dental hygiene company. At WooBamboo, we’re in the inspiration business. We believe that every time you use your new eco-friendly floss or bamboo toothbrush, you’ll be reminded that you’re doing something good for the environment. It’ll make you feel good, making you want to do even more planet-friendly things!

By continuing to make small steps, together we can and will change the world, one healthy smile at a time. Don’t be flossed. (If you skipped that part, go back to the top)

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