Looking for wholesale? .... WooBamboo is perfect for any natural store or dental practice!

Innovate. Inspire. Change the world.

Introducing our line of sustainable & stylish natural toothbrushes by WooBamboo!

Here’s the deal: Everything we do is designed to inspire the world. We believe that big changes can be made if everyone takes small steps. For instance, switching to an eco-friendly toothbrush is an easy change, but we know it’ll prove to you every time you brush that you’ve made a good eco-friendly decision for the planet, and (better yet) that you have the power to make more!

We are incredibly proud to be able to offer the world the best way to keep your smile and your Earth healthy. We make toothbrushes, and those brushes make a difference.

We realize (and love) that everyone is a little different. That’s why our toothbrushes come in three different handle sizes and bristle strengths to accommodate the whole family. Our latest “Sprouts” are brushes designed for children, typically ages 0 to 5.

So if you are looking for wholesale toothbrushes to sell in your store, give to your dental patients, or distribute to your retail network, WooBamboo is your source. Our products are made from the VERY best quality material available, from handle to bristle, and the smiles they create speak for themselves. Welcome to Woo, baby.



Billions of plastic brushes end up in landfills every year. Its up to you to buy smarter, as every dollar you spend is a vote cast on how you want the world to be.<br>How do YOU want the world to be?

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