Bamboo Toothbrush.

Introducing the sustainable & stylish bamboo toothbrush by WooBamboo.
Everything we do is designed to inspire the world. We believe that big changes can be made if everyone takes small steps. Switching to an eco-friendly toothbrush is an easy change, but we know it'll prove to you every time you brush that you've made a good decision for the planet, and that you have the power to make more!
Introducing the best way to keep your smile and your Earth healthy. WOO BABY!

  • The world is not only changed by giant leaps, but also by small innovative steps in the right direction.
  • A Billion nylon toothbrushes end up in landfills every year the the United States alone. Your's won't be one of them.
  • Plastic is popular, but BAMBOO IS BETTER!
  • WooBamboo is all about innovation and inspiration. We know we can change the world by inspiring people to make more eco-friendly choices.
    Christopher Fous, Co-Founder

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