Planet-Friendly Options

For all ages!

Our best-selling toothbrush comes in kids sizes too! They feature smaller ergonomic handles that fit comfortably in tiny hands + taper-tipped bristles that work like floss & get down between teeth for a good deep clean...

WooBamboo is the World's First Certified

Plastic Negative Oral Care Brand!

Through their partnership with rePurpose Global, WooBamboo is proud to announce its new title & hopes to inspire other brands to get involved!

Now in packaging that is

Zero Waste

All of our toothbrushes are now available in 100% biodegradable packaging - Which means you can take good care of your teeth AND your planet simultaneously.

Fluoride-Free + Delicious


WooBamboo's Fluoride-Free Toothpaste boasts natural flavorings, gentle polishing agents, and cavity-defying sweeteners... You've gotta' taste this paste!

The Goods

Looking for all the details about our eco-friendly oral care line? Click the graphic above to be taken directly to more information about our bamboo toothbrushes, natural toothpastes, and biodegradable silk floss… 

Over 20k Stores

We’re in nearly 20,000 retailers in over 60 countries all around the globe! Which speaks not only to our incredible items – But also to just how big a change global citizens are ready to make in their daily habits to become more planet-friendly!

Carry Our Products

Interested in offering WooBamboo? Or maybe just finding out more about HOW to carry our products? You’re in the right place! Fill out the form on our FAQs page to get in touch with the right member of the Woo Crew!

Woo Cares

We do our best to walk the walk when it comes to giving back to our global community! Read more about our partners, our contributions, and how to get involved by clicking the graphic above! Don’t just believe there is good in the world – BE the good!

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