Searching for Woobamboo Brand Ambassadors
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Join our Earth-loving ambassador community!

We’re on the hunt for new ambassadors of our growing family to reach the rest of the #EcoFriendly world with their content! As a #WooAmbassador, you’ll help build a sustainable future for our planet and its people. Plus, you’ll enjoy amazing perks! 

Does your content make an impact and are you backed up with a strong, loving online audience?

We believe that one small decision can help towards a cleaner planet and greener future. If you believe that too and you’re into sharing content on eco-friendly products, then let your voice be heard and get in touch with us!

Ambassador-exclusive rewards and products, social features, and product savings for your friends, family,
and followers.

Step One: APPLY

The important part – How to apply: 

Email with the following information:

Your Name
Mailing Address
Your Instagram and/or TikTok handles
and a short bio about who you are and what your content is about. 

Step Three: GROW

It’s a movement – keep growing in your sustainable journey!