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WooBamboo is so much more than JUST an oral care company. Sure, we make things like gorgeous bamboo toothbrushes, incredible biodegradable floss, and ‘hella tasty natural toothpastes – But we also aim to inspire!  We hope that with each purchase and subsequent use of our eco-friendly oral care products that we’re inspiring someone at the beginning/end of their day to lead a more eco-friendly and smile-filled life. THAT’S what makes us so cool… 

It doesn’t hurt to have brag-worthy stats like: Replacing over 5.5 MILLION plastic toothbrushes with WooBamboo biodegradable ones. Being offered in almost 60 countries, and in over 20,000 stores worldwide. Or having incredible sustainability certifications (ie: 100% FSC), awards and distinguishes (ie: WooBamboo was selected as Forbes Travel Guide’s Official Eco-Oral Care Brand of 2019 and 2020), and a committed team of dedicated individuals. (Check out the Woo Crew Page!)


The bamboo used in your toothbrush is safely and conscientiously harvested from the bamboo-rich mountain regions of China, carefully monitored and quality-checked, to make sure what you put in your mouth is of the highest quality!


Our delicious and natural toothpaste is made right here in the USA! 


We source our stuff from the very best; and arguably the most stylish… Our silk biodegradable floss, as well as it’s eco-friendly packaging, is from our friends in Milan, Italy.

No. The bristles are made from dental-grade nylon. At WooBamboo we’ve done an incredible amount of research and testing, and have found that claimed “biodegradable bristles” either ARE NOT, or if they are they actually start to decompose in your mouth with just a week or two of use. Another alternative would be to use boar hair. Yuck. Instead, we decided to get the BEST POSSIBLE BRISTLE for your mouth, and the BEST POSSIBLE HANDLE for the Earth.

Great question! Since your WooBamboo toothbrush is not made of plastic, like other brushes, there are a few simple things to keep in mind… 

  • Any long-term wetness will definitely shorten the life of your brush, so please don’t let your toothbrush sit in water. When you’re done using it, shake or pat it dry and place it upright in a holder or a cup (good advice for ANY toothbrush, actually!). 
  • Also, due to the nature of the brush, you MAY witness the occasional bristle liberating itself from the handle. That’s because we don’t use any glue. Only pressure secures the bristles into the brush. So if it happens, which is rare, don’t panic. Do look into getting yourself a new brush though as most-likely, more will start to jump ship due to the pressure change.
  • Lastly, like with ANY toothbrush: BRUSH LIGHTLY! There’s no reason to punish your gums OR your toothbrush by thinking harder is better. It’s not! Be gentle. Your gums, teeth, and toothbrush will thank you!

So, it’s time to replace your WooBamboo toothbrush! What do you do with your used one? No problem… There two ways. 

The super quick and easy way: Simply snap the head of your toothbrush (the end with the bristles) off from the handle. Toss the head bit with the bristles into the trash can, and the handle into your garden or compost. (It’s just a stick afterall, and Mother Nature knows how to handle those!) 

The slightly more difficult way, but allows you to compost more and send less to the waste facilities is… Grab a pair of pliers! (Needle nose if you’ve got them.) And yank those bristles right out of the head. There are no glues in WooBamboo toothbrushes at all, they’re held into the head with pressure and a single staple, so once you get the first bunch loose, the rest should be easier! After all the bristles are out, you can place them into a larger plastic recyclable container (ie: a single use water/soda bottle, a laundry soap jug, etc.) and they can be recycled! Then, you’re left with a bamboo stick! Which is safe to go in your home compost, out in the garden, or to be repurposed! We’ve seen gorgeous garden markers, keychains, and much more! So if you get creative with your old toothbrush handle, make sure you send us a pic! 

Thanks for helping us change the world! 

When we started in 2013, our mission was clear. We wanted to convert people who normally purchase plastic toothbrushes to our much more eco option: bamboo. To do that, however, we needed to be available where plastic brushes were bought at pharmacies and grocery stores. At that time, the purchasers in charge of putting products in stores wanted nothing to do with a paper box. 

The only way to get on the shelf was to look “normal”, so we went with a biodegradable backing card, soy-based ink, and a PET blister. PET is the most recycle-friendly plastic available. We knew the packaging wasn’t the MOST eco-friendly, but it WAS the most eco-friendly option that got us into stores, where we could make the MOST impact. The brushes themselves are still 95% less plastic than a typical brush, and because of our packaging compromise that got us into these stores, we have replaced over 5.5 million (as of December 2019) plastic brushes. 

However, now it’s 2021, and those in charge of putting products in stores are FINALLY waking up to the idea of more eco-friendly packaging. That’s amazing news, and we’re super stoked about it. 

We have recently launched our toothbrushes in our new zero waste packaging and it is gaining some traction in stores (mostly in the EU), but you can purchase them for yourself on our shop site and on Amazon!

Where we harvest the Moso Bamboo is in a location that naturally has 22 million acres of bamboo. (Roughly the size of South Carolina!) The bamboo used is 100% FSC Certified sustainably harvested. As you may know, bamboo is known to grow over 4 feet a DAY in the right conditions. In addition to this, bamboo continuously regenerates. This means that when it is cut down to the base, new stalks will sprout out from the root system. This is because bamboo is a member of the grass family. It is a colony plant, so it uses the energy from the existing plant/root system to produce more plants and expand the root structure. It actually needs to be harvested and cleaned out every so often or it would be a complete clustered mess. It’s pretty awesome. Also, pandas don’t eat Moso bamboo (which is the only kind we use), so we’re not taking away from the pandas’ food sources.

It’s commonly recommended by dental professionals that you change your toothbrush out every 2-3 months (or after any sickness) and that applies just the same to your bamboo toothbrush!

We do not directly put palm oil in our toothpaste (or any of our products). As you can see, it is not listed on our ingredients list. However, in general processing of ingredients – Glycerin could be derived from palm oil. We specify to our manufacturers that our Glycerin be vegetable derived, but we do not specifically know if that is from palm oil or not. So, we’d love to say that we guarantee there isn’t any palm oil, but that is not a guarantee we can make as we do not know the exact source of the Vegetable Derived Glycerin.

Your WooBamboo toothbrushes are the highest quality available. 

WooBamboo served as the Official Eco Oral Care Brand of Forbes Travel Guide for 2019 and 2020, meaning our toothbrushes passed a rigorous vetting process of luxury standards! Our bamboo is 100% FSC Certified sustainably harvested and manufactured in FDA approved facilities. And then of course, our bristles! The bristles are dental-grade nylon, which is why we’re dentist approved, and Mother Nature recommended.

Unfortunately, if you’re a retail consumer we only ship within the US. We do have products sold in nearly 60 countries and 20,000+ retailers worldwide! So keep an eye out for WoBamboo items next time you head out.

If you’re a distributor curious about distribution or wholesale outside of the US, please visit our Wholesale page, or email to get in touch about carrying our products!

Totally! If you are a company or dental office, we can laser-etch your logo, name, phone number or web address directly onto the handle! Depending on your time frame, we can also offer different bristle colors and even bamboo toothbrush handle shapes, check out the Custom Toothbrushes page for more info! 

If you are just looking to get your own name etched into the handle, or maybe are interested in giving an eco-friendly gift to someone you love, you can order a custom 6-pack in our online shop!

No, no, no! It’s okay. We’re super panda-friendly! Panda’s don’t eat moso bamboo – and that’s what we use for our bamboo toothbrushes. They’re much more interested in water and arrow black bamboo varieties!

We would be happy to chat with you about any questions or concerns you may have! Send us an email at or give us a ring at 855.966.2262


You’re looking to carry WooBamboo in your store, or distribute WooBamboo through your network? Amazing! Go to the Wholesale page, and let us know what you have in mind using that form. We’ll make sure you get all the info you need. We look forward to working with you!

Yes! We offer special dental pricing! You can contact our Dental Associate at or visit our Dental Office page for more information.

As we grow, so does our distributor pool! We have distribution representation on every continent, so chances are there’s one near you – Send your location and question to our Wholesale team utilizing the form on our Wholesale page and we will let you know which distributor is nearest to you!

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