WooBamboo Plastic, Negative oral care
WooBamboo partners with rePurpose Global

So what does it mean to be Plastic Negative? It means that with your help, we’re working to reverse the globe’s plastic pollution problem!  When you purchase a biodegradable WooBamboo toothbrush, you are already eliminating plastic toothbrush waste from ending up in our landfills and waterways. But with our donations to rePurpose Global, we have gone beyond that, funding the cleanup and responsible recycling of *more plastic than our products and our packaging contribute. That’s not just plastic neutral, that’s plastic NEGATIVE. 

Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, every WooBamboo product purchased helps fund the removal of plastic waste from highly polluted environments all around the globe!

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We are Certified Plastic Negative

WooBamboo has committed to help fund the recovery of plastic waste equivalent to 2x our brand's plastic footprint!

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Offset Your Plastic Footprint

Every individual can make a difference! Click above to access a calculator that will help you to understand your own plastic footprint!

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Reducing Waste & Reviving Lives

rePurpose Global is dedicated to reducing waste, while providing local workers with steady livelihoods and safe working conditions, empowering marginalized waste workers worldwide.

An average American throws away 231lbs of plastic every year.

Reduce waste, revive lives, and restore nature’s balance

The world is on track to double plastic pollution in nature to 104 million metric tons by 2030, unless waste is properly managed. rePurpose Global is changing this trajectory.

Brands are not the only ones who can make an impact on the plastic pollution. YOU can help too, by joining us and committing to be plastic neutral. 


Why choose plastic when you can have bamboo? Make one small decision toward a cleaner planet, and know that you have the power to make MORE! Join #WooNation
WooBamboo is plastic negative funding the removal of plastic from nature

We are Certified Plastic Negative

WooBamboo is the word’s first Plastic Negative oral care brand certified by rePurpose Global. For every product we sell, we are contributing a percentage towards vetted impact programs that remove more plastic waste from the environment than we create in our packaging. Learn More.

WooBamboo is a rePurpose global partner

We offer Biodegradable Zero Waste Packaging

We offer biodegradable  Zero Waste packaging for all of our toothbrushes, interdental brush picks, and dental floss. Made of kraft paper and printed with soy based ink,  the entirety of this packaging is safe for disposal in landfills or in home compost bins; leaving no toxic trace behind! Shop here. 

WooBamboo Plastic, Negative oral care
Plastic Negative, Eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush in zero waste packaging | WooBamboo biodegradable toothbrush

We encourage more Conscience Choices

At WooBamboo, we proudly create products that serve as daily reminders that one small decision can help towards a cleaner planet and greener future. Let us serve as the starting point for even more conscious choices by each and every one of us.

Dentist-approved, Mother Nature recommended.

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Bamboo Toothbrushes

Biodegradable & Zero Waste Packaging

WooBamboo Biodegradable Silk Dental Floss | Ecofriendly products

Silk Dental Floss

Biodegradable, Natural & Zero Waste Packaging

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