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WooBamboo is the World's First Certified Plastic Negative Oral Care Brand!

What’s that mean? It means with your help – we’re helping to reverse the globe’s plastic pollution problem! Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, every WooBamboo oral care product purchased helps fund the removal of plastic waste from highly polluted environments all around the globe. 

For example, when a single WooBamboo bamboo toothbrush is purchased, one plastic toothbrush is already being kept from entering the worlds’ landfills or waterways, but now the additional weight in plastic is also being removed and disposed of responsibly! To be exact, that’s the weight of: 6 plastic shopping bags, 88 drinking straws, or 176 cigarette butts! 

If this sounds like something you want to get involved in or find out more about what it means to Plastic Neutral or Plastic Negative, check out these resources below! 

WooBamboo partners with rePurpose Global
Woo Cares - Baby 2 Baby Photo Stack
WooBamboo is a supporter of Baby2Baby

Baby2Baby provides children living in poverty with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. As of 2021, they have distributed over 165 million items to over a million children in homeless shelters, foster care, hospitals, underserved schools, and domestic violence programs all across the US. 

Located in over 40 major towns and cities throughout the country, Baby2Baby is a vital, compassionate non-profit that serves under privileged children. WooBamboo is honored to play a small role in their incredible system by donating thousands of kid and planet friendly oral care kits. We are hoping to bring sustainable smiles to those that deserve it most! 

Saba Conservation Foundation Logo

When we were contacted by marine biologist. Ayumi Kurama, working in the Dutch Caribbean about utilizing our toxin-free toothbrushes to scrub coral structures, we were all in! It’s our pleasure to supply the team at the Saba Conservation Foundation with ocean-friendly tools to do their jobs with a clean conscience.

One of the projects I coordinate for the Saba National Marine Park is the coral nursery. Together with a great team we aim to go every 2 weeks to the nursery to keep the structures free of algae since they hold our highly endangered coral species. Whenever there are diseased corals fragments or whenever the fragments are moved, I make sure to write it all down and keep track of it on my computer.

Ayumi Kuramae 

Stay up to date with all of the latest happenings on Saba and with Ayumi by following their journies on Instagram!

Woo Cares - Saba Conservation Foundation