Ear Pro 20mL – All Natural Swimmer Ear Spray for Kids and Adults – 2 Pack

Ear Pro All Natural Swimmer Ear Spray for Kids and Adults – Safe and Easy to Use.

Ear Protection Spray Helps Prevent Trapped Water, Water-Related Ear Problems, and Protects Hearing.

1 Pack = 200 Uses

$39.99 available on subscription

One Time Purchase or Monthly Auto-Ship Option

Ear Pro is an all-natural preventative solution to fight water-related ear problems. Used BEFORE water activities like sunscreens are used before sun exposure, Ear Pro ear spray covers the outer ear canals with a waterproof protective film to avoid ear-related problems caused by trapped water, such as swimmer’s ear. Ear Pro is formulated with 100% organic ingredients that repel water and protect the ear from exposure to water-born diseases.

• 2 Pack / Contains 2 Bottles that are 20ML each
• 1 Bottle = 200 applications (100 in each ear).
• Made with Medical grade paraffin oil (mineral oil) and Oregano oil with 85% + carvacrol.
• Safe for use by infants, children, and adults.
• Once opened used within 6 months.
• No build-up. Leaves the ear naturally, no need to wash it out.