Eco-Conscious Dads

5 Outstanding Pieces of Advice from Eco-Conscious Dads

Everyone could use a little bit of fatherly advice now and then, especially when it comes to protecting our planet and revitalizing our environment. Below are five excellent pieces of advice from dads who work hard to protect the planet and show the world a better way to live. 

#1 – Buy the Right Fishing Line

Fishing line is hazardous to marine life, divers, and even boats when it isn’t disposed of properly, and in many cases, fishing line can’t even be recycled. Fortunately, marinas and tackle shops are starting to offer a wider variety of monofilament fishing line that can be recycled fairly easily. Ask your local bait and tackle shop – or your local marina – to provide recycling bins near entrances and exits to encourage more fisherfolks to recycle their used line. The Boat US Foundation has even started the Reel In & Recycle program to serve this specific purpose! 

#2 – Look for Eco-Friendly Brews

If there’s one thing many dads know and know well, it’s their beer. Although it’s true most beer is mass-produced and bottled in either recyclable glass bottles or aluminum cans, there are several brewers who take things to the next level. Some of these companies donate profits to preserve native habitat areas; others divert almost 100% of their waste from landfills and run their facilities on wind and solar power. In fact, Fat Tire Amber Ale is the world’s first carbon-neutral beer that is nationally distributed! Supporting companies like these can go a long way toward protecting and preserving the earth. 

#3 – Use Earth-Friendly Oral Care Products

Rather than stocking your cabinets with traditional plastic toothbrushes and big-brand toothpaste, consider making the switch to a more earth-friendly company. These days, you can easily ditch the plastic in favor of bamboo toothbrushes, and you can even stop buying that dreaded plastic floss and make the switch to silk, instead. There are interdental brush picks with bamboo handles, and there’s even 98% naturally-derived toothpaste that contains no fluoride or aspartame. 

#4 – Stop Overdoing Your Laundry

Dads are the kings of the “waste not, want not” crowd, and that means they’re far more likely to take care of the things they already own – including their jeans. Believe it or not, your jeans don’t need to be laundered very often at all! If you’re washing your jeans after every single wear, you’re doing them a serious disservice – and they’re going to fall apart far more quickly than they should. Instead, consider washing your jeans once every seven to 10 wears (unless they’re really filthy), and use an earth-friendly detergent when you do. Don’t put them in the freezer to freshen them despite popular advice; instead, hang them up outside for a few hours. 

#5 – Sustainably-Made Caps are a Thing

We are willing to bet that nine out of 10 dads wear a baseball-style cap at least two days out of the week. Unfortunately, many of these caps are made with plastics, which are terrible for the environment. Dads who are in the know look for earth-friendly alternatives that are both sustainable and fair-trade certified. Caps made from organic cotton, jute, bamboo, and hemp are preferable. 

Dads have a wealth of knowledge, and they’re willing to share it with just about anyone who will listen. These five pieces of advice from eco-conscious dads can go a long way toward helping our planet, so make sure you’re buying products that are made with the planet in mind, looking for recyclable alternatives to everyday products, and taking care of the things you already own so you can replace them less frequently, too. 

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