Plastic Negative

What Does it Really Mean to be a Plastic Negative Company?

WooBamboo has always been focused on providing eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives to everyday oral care products. Our mission is to reduce plastic in landfills and greenhouse gas emissions (and help you reduce your own carbon footprint) one simple product at a time. As such, WooBamboo is the world’s first Certified Plastic Negative oral care brand.

The Plastic Problem

Plastic is a serious problem in the world today. Many people read about plastic pollution in the news, but because they don’t have views of landfills out their front doors, the gravity of the situation is hard to truly understand. Numerous articles and even YouTube videos continue to help draw attention to the growing problem. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), landfills across the country received 27 million tons of plastic in 2018. That’s 27 million tons of plastic that will be around for thousands upon thousands of years. It’s time for companies and consumers alike to take the plastic problem seriously, and WooBamboo is dedicated to providing consumers with alternatives to plastics that they can feel good about. 

WooBamboo and rePurpose Global

WooBamboo has partnered with rePurpose Global, the world’s leading Plastic Action Platform that is 100% dedicated to preventing plastic waste. It consists of an entire ecosystem of advisory, action, and advocacy solutions that are designed to help both consumers and companies better understand their carbon footprints. rePurpose Global provides a wealth of resources and curated information to empower innovators and help consumers like you make better choices about the products you buy. 

What Does “Plastic Negative” Mean?

WooBamboo’s partnership with rePurpose Global was founded in an effort to help reduce and even reverse the global plastic crisis. Every time you (or any consumer anywhere in the world) purchases a WooBamboo oral care product, part of the proceeds are used to fund the removal of plastic waste from some of the world’s most polluted environments. When you purchase a bamboo toothbrush, for example, that’s one plastic toothbrush that won’t find its way into a landfill or the ocean. 

Though it may seem frivolous, it’s important to note that a single plastic toothbrush is equivalent to 6 plastic shopping bags or 88 plastic straws worth of plastic that will never find its way into the environment. The term “Plastic Negative” simply means that WooBamboo has successfully prevented more plastic pollution than it has created, and we look forward to continuing to do so well into the future. 

Learn More about Plastic Pollution & Do Your Part

The first step in solving the plastic problem is awareness, and rePurpose Global is an amazing resource. Through a wide range of articles, blog posts, and plastic footprint calculators, you can learn more about your impact on the environment and the things you can do to become a plastic neutral or plastic negative household. Making a difference doesn’t have to be difficult; in fact, it’s simply a matter of making one eco-conscious decision at a time – such as replacing your family’s plastic toothbrushes with sustainable bamboo. 

WooBamboo is proud of its Certified Plastic Negative status, which means we are doing our part to reduce plastic waste all across the globe. With your help, it’s possible to help stop plastic pollution and perhaps even reverse its effects on our environment. 

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