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Consumer Demand for Sustainable Products is On the Rise

Changing the world requires every individual to make numerous small choices that affect pollution and plastic waste. A recent report from the Economist Intelligence Unit, which was commissioned by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), shows that more people than ever are interested in sustainable goods. That’s great news for Planet Earth! 

What the Report Found

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s report showed that the popularity of searches for sustainable goods has climbed a jaw-dropping 71% over the last five years – and that includes continued growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. It indicates a kind of “eco-awakening” and shows that people are growing more concerned about their planet. Once upon a time in a not-so-distant land, sustainable and eco-friendly brands were in a niche industry. Today, they’re taking over as more and more people opt to purchase from companies that are taking an initiative to clean up the planet and protect Mother Nature. 

Consumers are Shifting the Flow of Finances

According to Climate Action, nature provides a value of more than $44 trillion to the global economy, which is more than half of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP). As a result of consumers’ rising demand for planet-friendly, sustainable products, the financial sector is working overtime to shift the flow of money away from unsustainable practices and shift the entire global economy to one that is nature-positive and net-zero. Consumers really are driving this change; they vote with their wallets when they buy from sustainable brands with a focus on the environment. 

More Brands Offering More Options

As consumers continue to give their money to smaller brands in exchange for goods that are better for the environment, the larger brands – the ones that have dominated the industry for decades – are looking to them for helpful hints. Many companies are taking major steps toward sustainability and eco-friendliness, including the e-commerce giant ASOS, which recently made some small, yet significant changes to its packaging and prevented hundreds of tons of plastic from finding its way into landfills and environments. This will continue to be the trend as consumer demand for planet-friendly goods and packaging continues to ramp up. 

One Small Step at a Time

Consumers have learned that changing the world isn’t about single-handedly picking plastic out of the ocean. Rather, it’s about making environmentally-conscious choices about the products they buy and the companies they choose to do business with. Even something as simple as replacing your oral care products with a sustainable bamboo toothbrush, fluoride-free toothpaste in recyclable packaging, and 100% biodegradable silk dental floss can benefit the planet substantially with time. 

As part of its commitment to offering consumers safe, sustainable choices in oral care products, Woo Bamboo is Certified Plastic Negative through the team at rePurpose Global. This means a part of every purchase goes toward the global effort to clean up plastic waste and keep the planet healthy. It’s a purchase you (and your smile) can feel good about.

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