5 Reasons Dentists Should Consider Recommending Bamboo Toothbrushes to All Their Patients 

5 Reasons Dentists Should Consider Recommending Bamboo Toothbrushes to All Their Patients 

When it comes to oral health, people in numerous countries around the world rely on their dentists for information, advice, and care – and this includes toothbrush recommendations. Because of this, dentists should consider recommending bamboo toothbrushes to their patients to reduce plastic in landfills and oceans – and as a way to keep their patients healthy, too. Here are five reasons why.  

#1 – Bamboo Toothbrushes are Naturally Antimicrobial 

Most people have a serious aversion to germs. Unfortunately, plastic toothbrushes can provide a literal mansion for bacteria, particularly if they are stored on bathroom countertops exposed to the open air in the room all day, every day. This is just one of the reasons why dentists should consider recommending bamboo toothbrushes to their patients. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, which means bacteria won’t find it as favorable a home as a plastic one.  

#2 – Bamboo is Biodegradable 

Another important fact to share with patients has to do with the amount of plastic in landfills in the US alone. Americans throw away enough plastic to stretch the entire circumference of the planet four times – and that’s in one year. When you consider that it takes 1000 years for plastic to biodegrade, it becomes clear that reducing plastic is necessary, and toothbrushes are a great and easy place to start.  

#3 – You Can Give Them Away and Boost Your Brand 

If you’re already giving toothbrushes away after every patient visit, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider making the switch from plastic promo brushes to their bamboo counterparts. You can buy personalized bamboo toothbrushes in bulk from distributors across North America (and in Europe, too!), and you can have them customized with your practice name, phone number, and colors. You can even customize the packaging!  

#4 – They’re for Everyone 

If you want to make a real impression with your patients, then consider stocking toothbrushes for three different types of family members in your practice – adult family members, child family members, and furry family members. That’s right, you can even get bamboo toothbrushes for pets so you can truly help promote good oral hygiene for everyone in the family, this will put a smile on your patients’ faces.  

#5 – Your Patients will be Happy You Care about the Earth 

Finally, if there’s one reason why you should always recommend bamboo toothbrushes to your patients, it’s to help them realize that these alternatives exist. Not only will many of them be shocked to hear about bamboo toothbrushes, but they’ll also think very highly of you for caring enough about the planet to recommend them – especially if you stock samples to hand out at the end of the visit.  

People rely on their dentists for their oral health, and that’s why they take dentist recommendations so very seriously. Rather than recommending the newest or fanciest product on the market – or the one making the most outrageous claims – dentists should consider keeping things simple and recommending a bamboo toothbrush that gets the job done and doesn’t saturate landfills for generations in the process.  

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