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Eco-Friendly Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for something fun, romantic, and environmentally-friendly to do for your Valentine’s Day date this year, you’re in the right place. Below are four excellent opportunities to show your significant other – and Mother Earth – your love and appreciation. What better way to celebrate your love than to share it with the planet? 

Adopt a Pet Together

If you’re looking to make a real commitment in your relationship – not just to one another, but also to another living being – consider adopting an animal from your local shelter. Although dogs and cats make excellent companions, feral animals can devastate local communities. When you choose to adopt from a shelter, not only are you helping in the fight to take stray and feral animals off the streets, but you’re also adding to your family in the best possible way. You and your significant other can make a date of it by choosing your new family member, then going shopping for eco-friendly food, toys, and other pet supplies to help make your new pet comfortable in his or her new home. You’ll need things like food bowls, a quality pet toothbrush, a collar, and more, so make sure to have fun picking everything out. 

Take an Organic, Vegan, or Vegetarian Cooking Class

The way to just about anyone’s heart is through the stomach, so what better way to show your significant other your love on Valentine’s Day than with a cooking class? To make it an eco-friendly event, look for options that offer organic, vegan, or vegetarian ingredients and tips. Eating clean and organic – or eliminating or at least reducing your consumption of animal products – is a fantastic way to help neutralize your carbon footprint. You’ll also be learning a new dish, which is a skill you can carry with you for life. 

Take a Spa Day

If you think spas are just for women who want to be pampered, think again: the spa is a wonderful place for anyone who needs to unwind, relax, and recharge. If you want this Valentine’s Day to be a memorable one, why not schedule a couple’s spa day at a local natural or organic spa? You can get massages and facials together, and you can even enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a sauna while you’re there. It’s a fantastic retreat, and it’s by far one of the best ways to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

A Farmer’s Market Date & Picnic

Finally, if you want to keep things simple for your Valentine’s Day date this year, schedule a trip to your local farmer’s market and then have a picnic with your finds. If you’re not sure where to find a farmer’s market, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a national directory you can peruse. If you really want to make it fun, try to purchase something you’ve never tried before. (Just be sure to ask the seller how to prepare it!) Then, pack your recently-purchased local finds into a basket and find a romantic location with a view to enjoy them. It’s an experience neither of you will ever forget, and the planet will thank you. 

Reducing your carbon footprint is all about making lifestyle changes, and that might even include your dating life. Fortunately, there is no shortage of fun, romantic, and memorable ideas that you and your loved one can enjoy this Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check out WooBamboo’s “Woo Loves You” giveaway; one lucky couple will receive a year’s supply of eco-friendly oral care products, matching t-shirts, and a precious Valentine’s panda stuffie.

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