Old Toothbrush, New Ideas

Old Toothbrush, New Ideas

OK, I’ve spent three months brushing my teeth with a WooBamboo toothbrush,

Now What?!

Well, first, you replace your toothbrush with a NEW WooBamboo toothbrush!

Now it’s time to do some cool stuff with your used bamboo toothbrush starting with the bristles. Your bristles are made of recyclable material – Recycle Them!!

Step 1: Go find your tweezers or (better yet) a pair of pliers. We’ll wait til you come back…..
Ok, good, you’re back.

Step 2: So you don’t lose the bristles, get something plastic that you are going to recycle already and put the bristles in there! It’ll keep them confined.

Step 3: Pull the bristles from your toothbrush by grabbing just a few at a time with your tweezers or more with pliers. Once the process starts, it gets easier!


Welcome to Your Multi-Use Bamboo Handle!

Green Thumb?

Our favorite thing to suggest to plant enthusiasts is to use the handle as a growth guide for new plants! Set it vertically in the soil next to a plant and watch the plant grow tall as the bamboo staff helps keep the plant from drooping over! Since the bamboo is all-natural, it won’t cause harm to the roots!



  • Drill a hole in one end, add keys and never lose a set of keys again!
  • Drill a few holes across and hang some cool things for a small wind chime
  • Make a toilet paper, yarn, thread spool or tape dispenser by fastening the handle to a bamboo (preferred) or wooden disk acting as the base
  • Candle making enthusiast? Use the handle to tie the wick on while your candle dries
  • 4 handles will make an attractive picture frame

Got kids, or are you a “kid at heart”?:

  • Hey! Building a Science Experiment and you need something 7-1/4” long, sturdy, safe and reliable?
  • Speaking of science experiments…. Bury your handle in the garden or yard and check on it every month. Watch the biodegrading process!!
  • Orchestrate a small symphony with your new baton
  • Attach a bell, rattle or frills to the end for a toy you can shake
  • Use it as part of a Lincoln Logs set
  • Set it in a cup of kool aid, freeze it and out comes a popsicle on bamboo
  • Glasses or a mustache on a bamboo handle makes for a fun mask
  • Does your daughter have dozens of play rings? Keep them all organized by putting them on the bamboo handle
  • Art project! Markers and imagination can decorate a beautiful handle


Pets! Don’t forget our furry friends!

Pets love bamboo! Bamboo is incredibly strong and non-toxic to dogs, cats and horses! WooBamboo toothbrush handles have been cut, shaped and sanded, so NO splinters! Instant toy for those bonding moments!

  • Throw the bamboo handle for a fun game of “go get it boy!”
  • Dogs will chew on the bamboo as a safe alternative to plastic chew sticks
  • Hey, cats will chase and chew on anything you throw down the hall!
  • Drill a hole, feed some string and hang the handle for something to swat



We don’t have ALL of the ideas, so we turn you to, Bamboo Nation!! Give us your creations. Write to us or send us your pics! We’ll add them to our website! You’ve already received and used a great product – Make Something New!

It’s YOUR turn to Innovate. Inspire. Change the world.


Let your friends know!

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