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The Biggest Climate Change Concerns for 2022

Climate change is a serious problem, and if we don’t face it now, our children and grandchildren will face the repercussions of our actions in our stead – and it won’t be pretty. According to the World Economic Forum, there are three major climate change trends to keep an eye on in 2022, and you can learn more about them below. 

Two Specific Climate and Nature Issues Will Take Center Stage

Experts have predicted that efforts to cut emissions will need to be redoubled in order to prevent global warming, and it needs to happen fast. While the focus has been on net-zero emissions by 2050, which is a wonderful goal, there’s not enough attention being paid to reducing emissions in the next decade. Climate experts are expected to continue to urge world leaders to strengthen their resolve and put their promises into action. In fact, there has even been some talk of holding companies financially responsible for their part in climate change. After all, money talks when it comes to these massive corporations responsible for most of the emissions. 

Fossil Fuel Funding Will Be Reduced & Phased Out 

Despite backlash in some parts of the world – including in the United States – governments are also pledging to reduce or even phase out funding for fossil fuels. In fact, countries like China, Japan, and South Korea all provide subsidies to nations outside of their own for things like coal and oil, but they have pledged to end all new funding starting in 2021, and they will phase out existing subsidies over the coming years. By making fossil fuels more expensive to obtain and use, the major players in the fuel industry will begin looking toward sustainable alternatives. 

The Labor Force Must be Addressed

Another major concern has to do with the global labor force, especially as it relates to fossil fuel industries. Millions of people are employed in high-carbon industries, and as those industries are phased out, it will be important to help those workers transition. Many governments are offering support and retraining for these workers, and some are even subsidizing new businesses in areas where coal mines and huge carbon factories are expected to shut down. This is important for kick-starting a newer and more sustainable future of power. 

Experts will Study Climate Change More Closely

Unfortunately, the evidence seems to show that climate change is occurring faster than once predicted, and the effects are being felt around the world. Many of the world’s most catastrophic natural disasters – including everything from floods to wildfires and even devastating tornadoes and hurricanes – can all be traced back to a warming planet. The UN Climate Science Panel agrees that those living in poverty are feeling the effects more than most, they are pushing for world leaders to help their nations adapt to climate change by addressing the disparity occurring between socioeconomic groups. 

The climate is undoubtedly changing, and while it’s up to individuals to do their parts to curb global warming, world leaders are also being scrutinized. In 2022, it will be interesting to see which world leaders take center stage for being among the first to phase out fossil fuels, retrain their labor force, and minimize the effects of that climate change – especially among the poor.

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