These Everyday Items are Surprisingly Compostable!

If you’ve recently started composting, you’ve probably added a variety of items to your bin or heap already. Things like shredded newspaper, banana peels, and even grass clippings can keep your compost happy and healthy. Believe it or not, there are several everyday items that are surprisingly compostable, too! Here are some examples of things that you can toss into your compost heap. 

Natural Loofahs

If you buy natural loofahs for your shower, you might be surprised to know that they are 100% organic! That’s right – loofahs are made from once-living sponges, and that means they can be composted. Just toss it in with the brown layer and it’ll be completely gone in about a month. 

Bamboo Toothbrush Handles

If you’re buying bamboo toothbrushes for your family, you’re already making a huge difference in the environment. Snapping off the nylon bristles and tossing the handle into the recycling bin is probably second nature to you. However, the next time you’re ready for a new toothbrush, skip the recycling and toss the handles into your compost bin, instead! Bamboo is completely biodegradable, and while it may take a little longer than a loofah to break down, it’s fun to watch the process. 

The Hair from Your Hairbrush

If you’re forever cleaning your long hair out of your hairbrush and tossing it into the trash, try feeding it to your compost heap next time, instead. It may seem a little weird at first, but just like loofahs and bamboo toothbrush handles, your hair is 100% organic and biodegradable. It will break down into its molecular components in no time. 

Pet Bedding

If your kids have pets, their bedding makes a fantastic addition to your compost.  Even natural cat litter can be composted! There are different guidelines for different pets, so be sure to follow them closely. For example, herbivore bedding can be added to your compost pile as-is (with the droppings still present, but your cat’s natural litter or your puppy’s compostable puppy pads should be free from any solid waste before adding them. 


There’s nothing better than a roaring fire in the fireplace during the colder months, but the ashes can add up pretty quickly. If you’re tossing them into the trash bin, start adding them to your compost pile, instead. Ashes can improve the soil quality in several ways, and they can even neutralize the compost’s pH, which has a tendency toward the acidic side. 

Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Rolls

You’re probably aware that the cardboard rolls inside your toilet paper and paper towels are completely recyclable, but composting them is better for the environment and requires far less human processing. Just toss the rolls into your compost when you turn it and they’ll vanish in a matter of days. 

From the cardboard rolls inside your toilet paper to the loofah you use in the shower – and even to the very hair on your head – there’s no shortage of everyday things you can add to your compost pile. It’s hard to believe that it all breaks down into amazingly rich, healthy compost that will give your garden vegetables a boost. 

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