WooBamboo Launches a New Line of Natural Toothpaste

Makers of eco-awesome oral care products, WooBamboo, adds to its bamboo toothbrushes and silk floss with the release of a line of natural toothpaste.

WooBamboo is a leading manufacturer of eco-awesome oral care products, with a wide range of products offering natural alternatives to the typical landfill-cluttering and chemical-filled products currently on the market. As part of the company’s goal of to inspire the world and empower eco-minded consumers, while changing the world, one healthy smile at a time, WooBamboo recently released a line of natural toothpaste to complement its toothbrushes and silk floss.

Born on Earth Day, 2013, WooBamboo is not the typical oral care brand. “We aren’t a toothbrush company. We’re an INSPIRATION company. Oral care is just how we do it. We stand for positive change, and eco-empowerment. We’re freedom fighters. Rebels. These big corporations pump out billions of plastic brushes and fill their toothpaste tubes full of chemicals. We believe people deserve better. Our PLANET deserves better,” says Christopher Fous, Cofounder and CEO. WooBamboo’s passion has landed them into more than 30 countries, 14,000 stores, and has currently replaced over 2 million plastic toothbrushes with ones made of biodegradable bamboo.

This is where WooBamboo and its wide range of products are particularly unique and helpful. The products offered by the company offer natural alternatives to the typical landfill-cluttering and chemical-filled products currently on the market. The recently launched line of natural toothpaste comes in multiple flavors for adults and kids, with every ingredient and package as healthy and eco-friendly as possible.

Like other products from WooBamboo, the range of toothpaste from WooBamboo is not only friendly and safe for users, but also better for the environment. This ensures that humans are not healthy and happy at the detriment of the environment. The quality of the products from WooBamboo has helped to increase its acceptance and popularity across the globe.

“We, of course, are thrilled with our growth. But we’re even more excited about what our growth means for the world. It shows that products like ours that have a higher purpose are being welcomed by consumers. We stand for POSITIVE CHANGE, and every new store we’re in means we’ve made more of an impact,” says Christopher Fous, Cofounder and CEO.

More information about the newly launched line of toothpaste and other products from WooBamboo can be found on the website.

About WooBamboo

Launched on Earth Day in 2013 and based in Cape Coral, Florida, WooBamboo has helped consumers around the world discover that even the smallest steps toward a cleaner environment can be empowering. The company offers an entire line of bamboo toothbrushes for every member of the family as well as numerous other all-natural dental care products. WooBamboo strives to inform and empower consumers all across the globe to learn more about the impact their purchases have on the environment and make buying decisions that are better for the environment. For more information please visit https://www.woobamboo.com.

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