WooBamboo Makes A Commitment To Further Improve Packaging

WooBamboo Makes A Commitment To Further Improve Packaging

We are BEYOND stoked to announce that WooBamboo has joined forces with Climate Collaborative! More and more companies are taking action to reverse climate change than ever before. Climate change is both the greatest threat our planet has ever faced and, also – the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had to make positive change through innovation and leadership. From packaging to transportation, Climate Collaborative helps to guide companies in taking meaningful steps to reverse climate change, both on their own and by working together.

We are so proud to join the community of 331 companies who have made the change by making over 1,261 commitments! Click here for a complete list of the companies that have made commitments to date.

The first step in this movement is to make a commitment, as a company, to one of nine initiatives that will help reverse climate change and lessen our carbon footprint. Companies can commit to one or a set of innovative and practical climate initiatives. Together, we work to scale solutions to successfully meet the challenge of climate change.

We’ve made the commitment to even further reduce the climate impact of our packaging through the Packaging initiative.

Why did we choose to commit to the packaging initiative?

On average, packaging accounts for about 5% of the energy used in the life cycle of a product making it a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.

What is expected of companies that commit to reducing the climate impact of packaging?

Companies will implement practices to reduce the GHG emissions associated with their packaging to the greatest degree they deem possible. There are many ways to reduce the climate impact of packaging including reducing materials a.k.a. “source reduction”; replacing virgin materials with post-consumer recycled content; replacing traditional plastics made from fossil fuels with biopolymers; re-designing packaging to use materials more efficiently to cut down on the GHG emissions required for transport and storage; and recycling at end of the packaging’s life to name just a few practices.

While climate is the focus of the Climate Collaborative, we realize that many factors go into packaging decisions including consumer preference, product shelf-life, price, performance, and convenience. The idea is to achieve climate reductions while simultaneously addressing other key factors that our company values.

Since we opened on Earth Day in 2013 our products have been packaged in recycled and (re)recyclable materials.

So, why did we decide to join the Climate Collaborative now?

Great question.

It’s beyond incredible that we can now be found in over 18,000 stores worldwide and in dozens of countries. But since our launch in 2013, we knew the day would come where we’d realize that we needed to do MORE. Now that we are in all these stores and selling our eco-friendly products like hotcakes, we’ve decided the time is now for us to step our game up!

We are sprinting toward making our packaging even MORE eco-friendly and with even less plastic. We’re in the final stages of this development and we can’t wait to launch the new packaging this year – so keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime, we’re super thrilled to be on board with the Climate Collaborative and all of the other companies involved in this incredible mission and we can’t wait to collaborate and learn from all of you!

Innovate. Inspire. Change the world. 🌎❤️🐼

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