5 Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts that Any Mom Will Adore

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show our moms the appreciation they most certainly deserve – and that includes Mother Nature, who is often forgotten in today’s busy world. This year, rather than plastic-wrapped flowers and chocolates in an abundance of plastic packaging, try one or more of the five gift ideas below. They will make your mom smile while keeping Mother Nature happy and healthy, too.

#1 – Blooming Lollipops 

If your mom is a gardener, or even if she has considered growing some of her own herbs and flowers, Blooming Lollipops are an amazing and unique handmade gift that will certainly win her over. They come in flavors like lavender and lemongrass, strawberry and basil, and six others. While they do taste absolutely fantastic, there’s yet another surprise. Once your mom finishes the candy, she can plant the lollipop stick! There are seeds embedded inside that will produce edible plants in roughly three months. 

#2 – A Personal Care Basket

Let’s face it: moms are selfless. They spend so much time caring for others that they often don’t spend enough time caring for themselves. This Mother’s Day, give your mother a personal care basket filled with eco-friendly items that she can use to pamper herself. Things like handmade and environmentally-friendly soaps, body butters, and an all-natural sea sponge loofah are sure to make her day. You might even include the Blooming Lollipops listed above! If you do, you might as well add one of WooBamboo’s bamboo toothbrushes and a tube of our tasty vanilla mint toothpaste for a complete care package designed specifically for eco-conscious moms. 

 #3 – A Compostable Phone Case

Everyone needs a phone case, but most of the ones you can find these days are made from plastic. If your mom has been thinking about a new phone case, you can purchase 100% compostable phone cases from Pela. Pela is focused on the plastic pollution created by the phone industry, and they strive to reduce that plastic by offering plastic-free alternatives. Pela also offers smart watch bands and a wide range of phone accessories, too. 

#4 – A Compost Bin

While composting is one of the best things we can do for our environment, not everyone has the tools they need to do it – and not everyone is up to speed on how to properly compost. If you want to give your mom a gift that really keeps on giving, a compost bin is the perfect choice. There are hundreds of them available online, but not all of them are plastic-free, so be sure to pay close attention. Even better, you might consider making a compost bin for your mom by hand, which is simpler than you might think. The Rogue Ginger has an excellent tutorial on her website that can show you exactly how to do it. 

#5 – A Plush Bamboo Bathrobe

Bamboo is truly one of the most versatile materials Mother Nature provides, and while we use it to produce our eco-friendly toothbrushes, some other brands create amazing clothing items with sustainable bamboo. This unisex bamboo bathrobe from Cariloha is touted as the softest bathrobe in the world, and it’s even been verified as completely carbon neutral by third parties. It’s a win-win situation, and your mom is sure to love putting on this extremely soft and plush bathrobe after pampering herself with all the natural, plastic-free, and sustainable personal care products she receives. 

Celebrating Mother’s Day is about appreciating your mom and the selfless love she provides to her family and friends. Gifts are excellent ways to show that appreciation, especially when you are also protecting the most underappreciated mom of them all – Mother Nature. The five eco-friendly gift options above are perfect examples of how you can show your mom your love without compromising the planet. 

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