5 Eco-friendly New Year's Resolutions for 2019

5 Eco-friendly New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

Last year, two thirds of Americans believed that they had to make valuable changes in the way they lived in order to reduce the effects of climate change; one year on and there’s no better time to create small differences which have a big impact on our earth. There are many ways to contribute to making our world a better place and by deciding on eco-friendly New Year resolutions, you’re bound to reduce your carbon footprint: from wanting to change the planet by making eco-friendly dental choices or wishing to make some green changes relating to work, here are some ideas to get you started.

Make a new career path

Choosing a company or organization who are committed to eco-friendly values can be a big draw if you’re searching for a new career with which you can share the same vision with. There are many companies who are leading the green revolution within the workplace, either from an environmental role or simply working in an office which supports sustainability. The new year could be the right time to update your resume and start job hunting with a business who cares about the environment and is working towards making even the smallest changes to improve their carbon footprint.  

Recycle and reuse

Although most of us recycle at at work, there are still many of us who don’t recycle everything we use so making improvements in the way we reduce waste is an integral part of keeping our environment safe. If your workplace doesn’t already have the resources for reducing waste, think about ways to you can help to organize and motivate your fellow colleagues so your working environment encompasses sustainable practices such as going paperless, using renewable energy or choosing eco-friendly products.

Reduce plastic waste

There are numerous ways to reduce plastic in the workplace and you can help by making one of your New Year’s resolutions to encourage your co-workers to use less plastic within the workplace. Small changes such as opting for washable cutlery and serveware which can be reused time and time again is a great alternative to eating using plastic. Additionally, reducing plastic water consumption and choosing a reusable water bottle or drinking filtered water will also go a long way to helping the environment.

Start green commuting

If you drive into work, maybe 2019 is the time for you to change your outlook on how you travel to work. There are a great many other alternatives you can do to make the commute into work such as cycling, which will also get you fitter and save you money. If there isn’t a carpool already organized, then chat with your colleagues to initiate a carpooling service for everyone to help each other out, and if this isn’t possible, consider using public transport more often.

Use a bamboo toothbrush

There are over 7 billion people in the world, most of which brush their teeth with a plastic toothbrush. You don’t just use one toothbrush a year, do you? Multiply that number by the several toothbrushes we all go through every single year and you have a pretty sizable problem. When you switch to a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, you’ll be part of the solution! We just happen to know a place that sells the coolest, most colorful bamboo toothbrush you’ve ever seen…

All changes, no matter how big or small will all contribute to having a positive impact on our planet and go a long way to saving the earth from climate change. Start looking at new ways to improve sustainability whether it’s choosing an eco-friendly dentist to changing your career, every bit helps to keep our planet safe.

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