Top Seven Things that Stick To or Stay Between Your Teeth with Solutions

Top Seven Things that Stick To or Stay Between Your Teeth with Solutions

by Kat Sorensen



Hey, everyone does lists of ‘Top Five’ or ‘Top Ten’. Not us! Here’s 7 things that stick to your teeth:

  • Popcorn
  • Flax and Poppy Seeds
  • Bread
  • Berry Seeds (Raspberry, Blackberry…)
  • Sticky Hard and Gummy Candies
  • Caramel
  • Spinach

Everyone has that friend that WON’T tell you if something is in your teeth, even when you ask! Not a good wing man or woman (Yeah, women have wing people, too). As smooth as you can, you resort to slyly using your tongue, your fingernail, your earring post, ANYTHING because you can feel something in there! THEN, walks up…..…..your ex. You don’t smile. Immediately, they think you’ll never change and walk away. You should have chanced that big spinach smile!

We know what could have helped. First, don’t eat where you ex eats. Next, don’t eat any of the above foods while out and about. If you must, then keep a big glass of water near you. A little non-descript swishing goes a long way. Drinking water with your meal will minimize ultimate stickage or chewing sugarless gum after eating will help, too! No bubble blowing.     Be cool.

When you get home, don’t forget to brush with a WooBamboo toothbrush, floss with WooBamboo’s new Natural Silk Floss, rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash and not only will your teeth and gums thank you, but great oral care reduces the risk of damage.

Damage? Who said anything about damage?!

That’s for another conversation……over dinner……of soup. Soup doesn’t stick to teeth, right?

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